By virtue of Law 2/2009, of March 31, which regulates the contracting with consumers of mortgage loans or credits and of intermediation services for the conclusion of loan or credit contracts (hereinafter, the “Law 2/2009 ”), the companies that carry out the intermediation activities must provide all the information that they must make known to consumers, publishing it on a notice board. Those companies that offer services over the Internet must also provide this information in an accessible way to the User. The purpose of this document is to provide the Platform User ( with the mandatory insertion information on the notice boards of mortgage loan intermediation companies, mandatory for consumers interested in formalizing the Intermediation Contract with GIBOBS SL


Access to the Platform and the use of services as “financial products” as well as the rest of the supplementary activities will have no cost for the User.

The User will only be able to access the supplementary activities if they do not have – initially or at any time – interest in the intermediation services. You will only access these services when the User has provided GIBOBS with the information and / or documentation necessary for it.

As soon as the User formalizes the Contract, and once they have expressed their interest in accessing the intermediation services by providing the information and / or documentation required for this, GIBOBS will begin the activity of advice, study of the operation and search for the best mortgage


To file complaints about the use of our services, you can contact GIBOBS through the following contact channels: Written to the postal address: Calle Las Norias 92, Block C, floor 0, Majadahonda. Written to the email For any divergence that may arise from the interpretation or application of the brokerage contract, the parties will submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the User’s domicile, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that could correspond. Likewise, the User is informed that article 57 of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users establishes a Consumer Arbitration System, as an out-of-court conflict resolution system by which consumer and user claims are resolved provided that the conflict is not about intoxication, injury or death or there are rational indications of crime. The submission of the parties to the Consumer Arbitration System will be voluntary and must be expressly stated, in writing, by electronic means or in any other legally admitted way that allows the agreement to be recorded.


– Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the revised text of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users and other complementary laws.

– Law 7/1998, of April 13, on general contracting conditions.


1.- The User has the right to request binding offers. The content of any offer, promotion or advertising, as well as the benefits and guarantees of the service offered by GIBOBS S.L. They will be enforceable by consumers and users even when they do not expressly appear in the contract. 2.- The User may withdraw from the formalization of the mortgage credit intermediation contract without alleging just cause and without any penalty in the event that said withdrawal is made within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days from the date of formalization of the contract. The User may contact GIBOBS to carry out the withdrawal exercise, by sending an email to any of the following addresses: Calle Las Norias 92, Block C, floor 0, Majadahonda.