Zero fees neither before

nor during nor after

How much does it cost?

You will not have to pay anything at all to use our services. Besides, unlike other companies that work this way, we never market your data and will never sell them to third parties. At gibobs, we are against the disloyal use of your information, You have our commitment that your information is yours.

We will never market your data or sell it to third parties

We are against this unfair use of your information

You have our commitment that your information is yours

We are committed to revolutionizing the financial system, therefore, as of November 24 (2021) we do not require the payment of a refundable deposit of € 50 to start working on your mortgage. Now, our services are free and we will not charge you anything for them.

*Data based on simulations done on from May to July 2021. The simulation results were obtained from data provided by our users, therefore they are not a contractual offer nor are they binding. The decisions that may be made based on these results are not the responsibility of Gibobs SL. The contracting of the mortgage, as well as its final conditions, should always be approved by the bank.