Are you going to find your earnest money contract before obtaining your mortgage?

Before signing your earnest money contract and paying a large sum of money, please ensure that you do not run risks

Not having your transaction 100% approved, that is, your mortgage and your appraisal, could lead you to fail to purchase your home and to lose your money

Download deposit contract

First, the important matters

If you are going to pay an amount of money to place a deposit on your home purchase, you can obtain your earnest money contract here. Generally, all banks request the following when offering you a loan:

  • 1º Earnest money contract

  • 2º Appraisal

Why is it important to know your loan limit before signing the earnest money contract??

1. Because only by sending your documentation once, gibobs will provide you with different proposals from the best banks in Spain.

2. Because once your best offer has been selected, you will have a maximum mortgage amount approved that will allow you:

  • Save time by selecting properties adapted to your offer.

  • Negotiate better the purchase and sale price with the seller.

  • Pay the deposit/earnest money contract amounts easily.

Download deposit contract