Frequent questions


What is gibobs and what is our mission?

After years of experience in the financial sector, we have realized that our clients deserve a personalized and impartial advisory service that helps them manage their finances and contract the banking products that best suit them at all times. Therefore, we offer you services that help you take care of your financial health and we get you the best conditions for your mortgage. For more information you can visit our page “About gibobs”

What is our business model?

Being transparent is one of our pillars and, therefore, we want to explain our way of working clearly and without small print. At gibobs we offer financial and advisory services, and you decide which one interests you. I want to know more.

Is it a free service?

At gibobs, all our services are free of charge but unlike other companies that also works this way, we do not comercialized or sell your data to third parties. At gibobs we are against the disloyal use of your information, You have our commitment that your information is yours.

What banks do we work with?

At gibobs we work with the main financial institutions to be able to offer you the best conditions. If you want to know more about the banks that are our partners, click here.


What kind of financial products can you get?

We work both with new mortgages, and to change your mortgage to another entity (subrogations and cancellations).

What is the best interest rate for me?

The interest rate will depend on personal conditions and the risk that the client is willing to assume. The client will have the support of our advisors to help them make the best financial decisions.

How long on average does it usually take to approve funding?

The time that elapses for the financing to be approved depends on how long it takes the client to upload the documentation. Once uploaded, the client will begin to receive offers in an average period of 72 hours.

How many offers will I receive?

The number of offers that we will present to you will depend on your personal situation, but the most common is to receive a minimum of three, of which, you will be the one who chooses the one that helps you the most to take care of your financial health.

What is scoring gibobs?

Scoring is an evaluation system used by banks to objectively predict the solvency of a customer. This allows decisions to be made about the risk involved in operations.

How is scoring obtained?

First, you will have to answer some basic questions that will give us an idea about what your financial situation is. Thanks to this, the technology of our platform will make an approximate estimate of the value of that operation, using the same methodology as financial institutions: the percentage of the loan for which financing is needed is calculated, the percentage of the client’s monthly income that They would have to be used to pay the fees, the client’s employment situation and his seniority within the company, etc. Finally, the value obtained will determine the risk or scoring that this operation entails.

Acceso a mi cuenta

I'm having trouble registering on gibobs

In the event that you have a problem when registering, check that you do not have an existing user, that the data entered is correct and that the password follows the specifications indicated. If you still experience any problems when registering, do not hesitate to contact us through the e-mail or by filling in the contact form, and we will be happy to help you.

Can I use my email address on multiple Gibobs accounts?

No, it is only possible to have one user account associated with an email address. However, for each user account it is possible to have several profiles (individual, company, etc.).

I have not received the consent verification code, what do I have to do now?

In case you do not receive the verification code in your e-mail address, you can write to us at or fill out the contact form and we will solve it as soon as possible.

How do I change my email address?

If you want to change your email account, for whatever reason, you will only have to contact our customer service department ( or fill out the contact form requesting the change.

How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by entering the “User Area”, “Individuals” section and clicking on “I forgot my password”. You will receive an email with the steps to follow at the email address you provided when you created the account. In the event that you know your current password but want to change it, enter your user area and establish a new password in the “My account” section.

How do I change my personal data?

To change any of your personal data, such as the telephone number with which we can contact you, you will only have to enter your user area, in the “My account” section and make the corresponding change.

How do I cancel my gibobs account?

We are sorry that you have decided to cancel your account and we hope to contact you again soon. To cancel your gibobs user account, send us an email to the address or fill out the contact form requesting the cancellation of the account.

I have canceled my account by mistake, how do I create a new one?

If you have canceled your account by mistake and want to become part of the gibobs family, you will only have to register again on our website or by clicking here.