Amigobs Plan. Share it with your friends and win up to €* 500

The one that has a friend… Has € 50!

For each friend you invite to get his mortgage with the best conditions, each of you will get € 50 and so on up to €* 500

How can apply for Amigobs Plan?

  • Sign up at gibobs
  • Log into your personal area from our web or app and go to Amigobs Plan
  • Invite your friends
  • Encourage them to get the best mortgage ever for their property

If the sign their mortgage with one of our offers, each of you will get € 50. You can invite up to 10 friends and get up to €* 500. The more you invite the better!

And of course, your friends will get all the advantages as always and for free. More info

Invite my friends

*Terms and conditions of the Amigobs Plan here