How does gibobs work?

Our business model is based on transparency and, that´s why, we want to explain you how gibobs works in a very clear way in order to help you to resolve all your doubts.

At gibobs, you have available a number of free of charge services that help you to look after your financial health. But moreover, we dedicate ourselves to finding the financial products required by each customer in line with their personal circumstances, especially mortgages.

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Our price policy is transparent

Accessing our platform and using the financial services that you choose has no cost for you:

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Financial Products

You will count with a personalized and impartial advisory service that help you to find the best mortgage on the market or to improve the conditions of your current mortgage, This service doesn´t cost anything at all to you. It´s completely free.

We work in a transparent way to achieve our goal: getting you the mortgage with the best conditions that suits you better.

Unlike what other companies that offer free of charge services do, we do not comercialized or sell your data to third parties. At gibobs we are against the disloyal use of your information, You have our commitment that your information is yours.

So how is gibobs financed?

We pledge for a business model in which all parties win. But is that possible? Of course!

Our customers

You have access to the financial services and tools necessary to improve your financial health and so you can obtain the best conditions for the financial products you need. You win.

Our partners

A wide variety of prestigious companies in the financial and real estate sectors help us to offer you a quality service and share our business vision and our professional objectives. They win.


We negotiate with the banks for you and provide you with the best market offers for the financial product you need. And, if you decide to accept any of these offers, we will receive commission from the bank in question. We win.

You have the last word

You have our commitment that our advisory services are 100% impartial so that the mortgage you choose is the one that will truly make you happy with your decision.

You will be the one to decide which offer you wish to take out.

Our advisers will provide you with the necessary tools to understand the small print.

You will be kept up to date regarding the transaction at all times.

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