About gibobs

Best financial conditions

We want to place our years of experience negotiating with banks at your disposal, so that you can enjoy the best conditions for your financial products without effort and without leaving your home.

Security and confidentiality

All your data are protected and encrypted. What’s more, you have our commitment that, unlike other companies that offer free services, we do not market your information. At gibob, you decide what to do with it at all times.

Security and confidentiality

We want to be 100% transparent with you and our way of working is also transparent. Therefore, we will explain to you at all times which services do not involve a charge for you and which do. Do you want to know more? Here we explain everything to you.

Personalised advisory services

Thanks to the impartial advisory services of our team of advisers, you will understand the small print of the financial system and clarify all your doubts regarding which financial products suit you at each time, without having to pay more for them, to improve your financial health.